Sunday, August 27, 2017

On the 2017 College Football Season

A few predictions:

  • On the SEC:
    • Last year, Alabama had the best front seven - and as a result, the best defense - of the Saban era. Alabama is a recruiting factory, but it's pretty naive to think there won't be a meaningful drop off on that side of the ball. But I'm a big believer in Jalen Hurts. His youth was obvious last year when he struggled against Washington's and Clemson's (elite) defenses in the playoffs. But I liked what I saw during the regular season and expect him to keep growing as a passer with another year in Saban's offense. I think Hurts will be the first time Saban has had a quarterback who's dynamic enough to win games when the defense doesn't play well, and as a result he'll be able to mask the talent losses they're suffering from last year. The Crimson Tide will have the conference's best roster, the best coach, and maybe the best quarterback, and they get LSU at home - I think you can pencil in Alabama for another playoff berth.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

On 3 Idiotas

(Spoiler alert - spoilers ahead).

The original version of 3 Idiots is probably my favorite Bollywood film of all time, because of how closely its themes resonated with me and my fellow engineering friends. For a whole generation of Indian-American students, Rancho was almost a superhero - a genius engineer, but always on his and only his terms. Because of this, I was thrilled to hear about the Spanish remake, 3 Idiotas. I was hoping for a movie equally powerful and magical. Unfortunately, 3 Idiots falls well short of its potential. The basic plot is the same - 3 students (the 'idiots') meet each other at an intense engineering college run by a ruthless director. All three have their own motivations and pressures for being there. The film chronicles the ups and downs of their academic and social lives. Later, in the present day, two of the friends, (Beto and Felipe in 3 Idiotas, Raju and Farhan in 3 Idiots) search for a lead on their friend (Pancho in 3 Idiotas, Rancho in 3 Idiots), whom they haven't seen since graduation. There are some key differences between the original and the remake which illuminate the ways in which director Carlos Bolado didn't fully understand what made the original movie work so well.