Friday, September 19, 2014

On New Girl's Winston dilemma

On Tuesday, New Girl debuted its fourth season with an episode that gives the impression of a re-pilot attempt; the show has made a clean break from its failed Nick&Jess romance and returned to the show's template of humorous hijinks that serve to ultimately re-emphasize the familial (decidedly non-romantic) relationship between the roommates. Ideally this show would give equal time to all of its characters, but since the start of season 3 the show seems to have firmly strapped Winston into the passenger seat of the car driven by Jess/Nick/Schmidt. This would be fine if this hierarchy accurately reflected the characters' relative value. I am, however, of the opinion that Winston is clearly the funniest character on the show. Season 3 systematically morphed Winston into a veritable maniac, one who combines George Costanza's neurotic, volatile insecurities with Cosmo Kramer's oblivious eccentricity. Lamorne Morris's superb acting and commitment to the bits allow Winston to steal every scene by aggressively subverting the expectations of both the other characters and the audience.